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Rabbit Mask by

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The idea for this was originally conceived by an artist I saw on transfur: Mikhail. I believe it was just called rabbitmask.

I remember seeing it around 2004 when I was still new to seeing TF online. I never knew the guy but this piece of his stood out to me for reasons I can't remember now. Fast forward to around 2005 or 2006 and Mikhail was off transfur and his work along with him. More time goes by (2010) and while browsing someones favourites on deviant art I notice something that looks a lot like the artwork I saw by Mikhail. This is what I saw https://cestcafe.deviantart.com/art/mask-transformation-50396047

So, I don't know, maybe they are Mikhail or know him. Either way, I left this new guy a comment noting how I remember the original and asking if they know of the original artist. Then I noticed the last thing they did was in 2008. I figure they were finished with that account and moved on.

In 2017 I noticed the same piece again in another persons favourites (I get bored sometimes and just browse). I get curious and check it again to see if anyone else commented on the work. There were new comments but the artist still had no noticeable activity. I kind of wanted to see the original again but didn't really have the means.

So I thought, hey let's see if I could make it from memory. So I gave it my best shot. I don't remember much, just what I wrote down on the other guys picture originally and some of the angles he had. I took a couple of liberties with it to fill the blanks. I poked away at it for a while and now we have this. I'm sure it's not quite the same and I know I played with some of the posing a bit but it's not bad. For me anyhow.

I hope you all enjoy it, take care :)

PS: Oy19 linked me the original in the comment section when I uploaded this on deviant art. It was pretty cool to see it again. Shout out to them :D


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cool stuff o3o


Regardless of the old piece, I like this one on its own merits. More of the TF than I'd like happens between panels 3 and 4, but other than that, damn fine work.




always nice to see a new take on an old work and hey a few blanks i had to fill with my own idea on it even better (thats how i use to pass asigments in tec take something change a few bits make it mine and hey presto a work that stands on its own) really love this


This is a great version of that comic.


That roo is kinda hot


It was one of my favorite pieces that got me into TF as well!! Fantastic adaptation!!


"Damn, I know this!" was my first reaction to this. I also still have the old piece in my stash as well.... Anyways, it's good to see another rendition and such a well made one on top :)


OMG!! I have been looking for this for years!! Thank you sooo much! I really like your rendition as well!