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Date: 8/4/2006 Views: 35468 Favorites: 99 Comments: 10


At this stage, Far is beginning to take on the appearance of the black fox he is becoming and is dressed in the island's grecian robes.


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nice work, but the staff makes me wanna say "Miroku". oh well, its the same concept guess that makes sense, nice work. and you actually got a gi in there.


wow, looking great! I love how his transformation is progressing. and his tail! I havent seen such a nice 'half baked' tail inna while! I'm glad its not just 'growing out' all bushy and foxy :) just one thing though, his upper lip in the second frame looks odd, is that suppoesed to be a fang? or did you just forget to color the tip?


Nice sequence thus far! Just one little thing, um, why did he change his clothes in the 2nd pic?


Cool, very cool now DON"T MESS IT UP! My fav. animal (er, one of them) is a fox! No pressure!!!


A very nice sequence so far. Keep up the excellent work.


he looks very cool


I just love this sequence so far. Great emotion on the second frame!


omg... why i see this so late ??? PLZ !! Draw the nxt... plz plz plz !!!


finish it god *beep* it


Please finish this, it's beautiful.