newtflies by Bilious

newtflies by

Date: 4/25/2006 Views: 20242 Favorites: 25 Comments: 24

Raven and Crow

Animated in flash as a quick experiment- usually when I draw my character Newt turning into things, it's just for my own amusement X3 this here is the only real shapeshifting he can do in the book series :3 he has the potential for more, but he sucks XD anyhoo, Newton flying away as a raven :3


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awesome :)


THATS AWESOME, kick ass man!


very tight :D :D :D (tight in german something like cool ;D )


as we say in Kermit-speak, friggin sweet!


interesting. i like it...what am i saying i love it. :D


dude that was really cool. Now don't get me wrong i like this discipline of art but i would love o see that expand into a more accesible art form like main stream flash


Chris- I don't understand what you mean :o if you mean make it normal flash, you can't upload that to Transfur XD you can see the flash version on my Deviantart :3 if you mean something else, feel free to email me ^^'


that was reeeeally cool.




thats awesome ! any chance for more?


that was cool ^^


that was sweet. GJ dude!


Oh, yeah! I've been trying to animate TF in flash myself, but I suck-- this is great!!!


looks really cool :) tho being an animation student myself, my only comment is that when he comes back into the scene to fly away its awkward that he stopped flapping his wings ~shrugs~ (reminds himself to start working with flash more...)


nitro134 couldent be more right. *prays*


Very neat indeed, i like how it seems to condense and then fly off, out of curiosity, how long did this take to do?


a few hours so far... I suppose about four or so I think :3


Very nice, Keep it comming!


Very smooth animation, but more focus on the TF itself would be appreciated. Nice start, though.


Artreus- you aren't the boss of me D:<


"Very smooth animation, but more focus on the TF itself " I'd be inclined to think this version of the "future" already existed a decade ago in the form of those animated GIF's people were making.The "future" in the sense of commissioned amateur tf animations,is another kettle of fish entirely.Would require1) a extensive scene clip and cel library for mass [roduction2)a standardized format to allow interchangeability 3)a soundtrack 4) clips of the same event taken from different angles to allow mix and match to mass produce new tf videos5) a short narration piece.In general the "future" hasn't arrived yet!


Loathsome- I think it's a lot easier than you make it sound :3 especially if you're drawing it yourself, what do you need stock clips and cels for? :3 This was for fun- i don't think I'd do it by comission- I'd charge too much for people to want to buy them I think- I wouldn't want to get less than like $15 an hour- probably more since I need to eat and these take a lot of time and energy... I'll stick with illustrations for now, save for my personal experiments with flash X3 <3 Next up, I'll be doing my werecat- which is a more exciting change than Newt's poof X3


Goddam, that's beautiful. I esp. like the guy's furtive looks before he changes - there's some real personality going on here. The TF itself is impressionistic, not literal & the flying away ending is poetry...


Looks really good.