Commission - Owl TF by Birvan

Commission - Owl TF by

Date: 2/5/2015 Views: 9909 Favorites: 93 Comments: 4


This is a commission I did in 2013

I was given the freedom to pick between several subjects, including an owl and a sphinx, as long as the entire sequence was "cute"

I decided to go with the owl because mammal to bird transformations tend to be pretty freaky looking, so keeping the entire sequence cute was a pretty good challenge. But at the same time I wanted to include the sphinx, so I came up with the idea of a themed hoodie =P


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I must say this was and is all kind of adorably cute.


That's what I was going for. A really freaky transformation looking cute ;)


"Why did you curse the lion ears and tail to turn people into owls?!"

"They'd never expect it, that's why!"


Lol, good point XD