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Yeah, I know this doesn't really count as a transformation, but that's 100% Colche. She's part of IoDM and was the first of the islanders to reach the full anthro stage. This is just my tribute to this lovely character ^^


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Lovely, indeed! looks very nice ^^




Her stride is wrong, there should be one front leg and one rear leg going forward, not both rear legs at the same time.


Awww, yay, Colche! She looks sweet, and i love the feel of the piece, especially the panoramic framing. And, I think he's got the stride right, it's just exaggerated in this piece. Check it out -


*nods* Cheetahs have a pretty distinctive run; here's another image, a photo, with more of the exaggeration:


Wow! This is wonderful! She really looks like she's doing the full 70 mph (that you always read about in books)!


Yep- Cheetahs, like just about every animal, have a completely different stride every time the stress on their limbs reaches, I think, 25% of their load-bearing capacity. And yeah, I'd say this counts as TF, since the character was once human. (plus, she still has the long hairs. n.n) VERY nicely rendered, too!


Aww, she's still so cute :3 Very nice!


*drools* Why can't we have more pictures like this? So pretty and free..... great artwork


dude! WONDERFUL picture -- i dont care if it's a tf, thank you for posting it!! totally +fav