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Technically this is a TF, even if took several million years. Just an exercise for my artbook, though I'm severely lacking proper references on the tree of life (any help more than welcome)


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Interesting concept and well-drawn. Makes me wonder if a six-limbed body plan for vertebrates would've made it more likely that one pair of limbs would evolve for holding things, speeding along the evolution of hands.


Perhaps it would, if it actually reached the stage of freeing those 2 limbs from locomotion purposes *points to ants*


Hey, this is actually creative! Good show!


What do you mean by actiually creative? (and nature deserves all the praise)


This is a brilliant idea. Sorry I'm a catholic and I believe in evolution 100%, but I also believe in an afterlife lol.


Well, now here's something I don't usually expect to see between fanart and pr0n, when it comes to TF. Charming TF! Well done. =)


The best kind of transformation, 'cause it's real. :) I would figure human-like forms to evolve from a more omnivorous form than something equine, but six limbs would probably alleviate our bipedal problems (backs, knees, etc.)


Ok this is an origional.


Oh, nothing. I just meant it as praise. something on here that's really innovative. :D


Well-planned, beautifully drawn (as always), and completely unlike anything else I've seen. I think this may be my favorite transformation ever.


I like this. Makes me wonder if hexapodal diapsids would have evolved along different lines, with the middle pair of limbs evolving to wings to produce dragons, something akin to a griffon, and so forth.


Excellent theory, m'dear! With so many worlds out there, this may have actually happened!


It's a pity Bob Stein's Centaurs Gatherum isn't still going; this is exactly the kind of concept you'd expect to find in it.


bradley364: I think human evolution has been way too covered. Other species deserve some attention too ;) @ amsjunky: Personally I think evolution and faith are not mutually exclusive Rey: We evolved from herbivores too. And those herbivores evolved from carnivores. It's a funny lineage =p @ Wrathofautumn: Ah =D Welly: Actually I thought about doing the dragons, but gryphons.... now that's going to be tricky


Life is one big endless trasformation. Shape chances, but life still remains life XD


We are all just undergoing one looong transformation sequence.


Hahah, this is great. it's good to see a good influx (You, Noj and X) of art that isnt anime porns.


Well, this proves that the ultra-catholic (not trying to offend any one) who lives next door to me is wrong. Because if its one the internet, then it obviously has to be true. Great job, looking for more stuff from you.


This isn't exactly how evolution works (it involves a lot more birth-giving and dying off), but it's still clever. Though it is fuel on the fire of religious misinformedness, because this is how most people envision evolution working. I ramble, I know. XD


Never seen something like this before. I love it and vulpin, you do ramble.


Actually I just illustrated different stages of the centaur evolution Vulpin, it's not a single individual ;)


Birvan...*points to mantids* There's those, anyway. I dunno...would fine manipulatory capability matter much at that size?


Perhaps.... if they had the brains to do it ^ ^;; Nice point though


I found it rather pleasing. Props


Very creative! Great job!


Aww, the guy at the end is so cute. I want to be his friend.


I like it. :)


What?! You're actually daring to suggest we _weren't_ born out of a cloud shaped like Hera? BLASPHEMY!!!! 7X=E


Same was said about humans being born from dirt and clay =p


This was utterly facinateing. :D Great work Birvan! Your one of my favriotes on this site.


Oh my god! Again incredible work. I really hope that would be true.


cool evolution TF i like it :D


Holy lord! This is the closest thing I've seen to an actual, scientifically possible, "If evolution went a different way" idea. The only possible problem is the border line between the fur and the skin. I'd figure it would either be rougher, or fur would cover everything. Plus, there's the always-present fault you find in every single taur creature: the border line itself. Would the spine just curve to fit the body shape? In that case, what does the pelvis look like? I could go on, but I'm already being to nit-picky.