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Date: 10/4/2019 Views: 5184 Favorites: 47 Comments: 6


Seems somebody else purchased one of those Transformation Rings. Seems they're a lot more satisfied with the results than the first customer.

A sketch commission in the style of the previous ring transformations.


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Awesome! I think this idea can be used even more times. Thjat a really cool concept


I'll take your entire stock


Really nice o3o


Now I have to ask myself.. is this one staying roughly the same size because he extended the ring and that weakens the overall effect? Could I have one of these things shrunk to the interior width of a pen and drop rice through it to make them bigger than a car? Or is his just tuned to a much less giant outcome?


More so the latter. Different ring, different outcome. (or just programmed differently)


Oh yes, One lion with wings ring for me. Does it come in non-anthro? Can I pay for development of one large enough so I could carry friends? probly Bill Gate kind of $$$$$ though.

It is nice to dream sometimes.