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Date: 3/13/2022 Views: 3176 Favorites: 24 Comments: 3

Displacer Beast
Forced Transformation
Ripped Clothing

My displacer DM, who for the time being is gonna be named Sarah, may have been mistaken when she thought the Displacer beast was gone. It may have just been asleep. And it may wake up if it thinks there's danger nearby.

Doesn't have to actually be danger nearby, it just has to think there is.


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Hi, Sarah. I'd say it's nice to see you again, but it looks like this isn't a time to catch up on things like what happened to your players.

Why is there dolphin in the tags, though?


I don't know why that ended up in there. Perhaps because I left the species tag blank? It's not the first time Dolphin has randomly applied to one of my uploads.


Yeah, if you enter nothing, or try to delete the text, it defaults to Dolphin for some reason