kw-dragolady-bw by BlackRat

kw-dragolady-bw by

Date: 11/29/2003 Views: 24725 Favorites: 101 Comments: 5


Another doodle that I ended up spending more time on than i wanted. Big mean dragon lady in a skimpy dress heh.


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Not a bad picture, well drawn with a good pose. could be slightly more expresive though. I get a feeling pf mindlessness when I look at her face. Then again, maybe you did that on purpose.


it's could be more funny with colors !!!


yeah, shes a mindless monster when dragonized (in my universe curses still suck) Shes probably gonna fly off and eat some hapless minions or something. And I did/have considered coloring her. thinking of a nice deep purple motiff LOL.


nice drawing, it seems like there just aint a whole lot of scalies around anymore, maybe you can kick off something >=D


very nice drawing, I pretty much a big fan of dragon tfs. ^_^