kw-weddingfox-clsmall by BlackRat

kw-weddingfox-clsmall by

Date: 1/22/2004 Views: 44852 Favorites: 321 Comments: 22


Commie for Kathris Number 3. Hali the werefox-thingie getting ready for her big day. Designer dress was a nightmare to draw, Expensive outfit @_@


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Nicely Color. ^_^ StealthWolf-SS ^_^


THAT is surely the best of the three. Awesome job on the clothing. Nice expression too, varies form the other two, she looks really desperate here. But why did you go for the three toe feet instead of four? Its nice too, but I think the four one looks more real and adds to the sense of stability on the ground. But thats just me. Great job!


Nice pic. >_> Her husband to be is one lucky guy.


Oh this is absolutely excellent. I love the expression on her face and the overall feeling of panic that permeates the picture. You've definitely outdone yourself with this piece of art.


If her lover doesn't want her anymore then i'll just.. <goes onto his knee's before her> Will you marry me instead? :3


A very impressive picture, but kind of depressing. I guess personally, it seems like making the TF into something that's obviously ruining somone's life, like this or the Xmas one, kind of ruins it. Just my personal opinion, of course, but I'd like to see more of your art with less of that.


I feel alot of pitty on that poor woman, but I'd still love her @.@ It just makes her even more of a fox than before. *pun*


and she replies "I am still changing in here darn it!"

he he


heyo, thanks for kind words :P. Its a commission (commie) of someones existing character so I couldnt stray too far from her original design, hence the 3 toes (and 4 fingers) and her less "orangey" color scheme. I think its cute tho. Closer to my cartoony roots :P Have to give thanks to my sisters Modern bride catalog for the dress (the St. pucchi "signature" dress with a few modifications) the shoes (Dyeables "majesteys") and the diamond crossbar earrings. hope she rented all that, security


Congrats on a great pic Rat. The detail in this piece is just amazing. Well done :D


This is one really sweet picture Blackrat! The detail you put into this makes the whole pic.


is kinda reminds of Neko No Ongaeshi


I wouldn't mind marying her.


I have to agree with KingVoracious that this pic is similar to Neko No Ongashi (The cat returns). Only difference here is that she's turning into a fox. Still awesome picture Blackrat.


wow. if i was the husband i would marry her anyway Lol! ^_^


i would marry her she's cute


A classic, you ask me!


I actually based a Ravenloft Campaign on this image.


id marry her (hopefuly i would end up like her to(then divorce))


I'll marry her of course, I would love her even more


I wish I was the one marrying her I can only wish and dream for love