kw-sowiarnb-cl by BlackRat

kw-sowiarnb-cl by

Date: 2/23/2004 Views: 13813 Favorites: 37 Comments: 7


Pic 11, barbarian Buhnie. Nothing worse after a hard days work of looting than being accosted by enchanted swag. >:P


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LMAO! great work once again, dude! the expression on his face is priceless! But as cute as he may LOOK, I sure wouldn't want to tell him that.


Hmm....a killer rabbit.... Anybody have a Holy Hand Grenade hany? Nice Work Blackrat, lotsa character in this picture.


Nice ^_^


LOL - This came out great man. I really do enjoy a good rabbit TF. :) Can't wait to see what you do next!


"How can I strike fear into the hearts of my enemies if I look like a fluffy bunny?!" Well done.


You've always liked that stance a great deal. But it not bad, it's like the "caught completely by surprise" stance. Quite vulnerable.


wow -- the expression is priceless -- ... seems like your good ol' most important party member if it comes to rough situations in those dungeons has once more touched some shiney tiny artifact, but forgot to let the mage identify it first - while you are out of reversal spells - again. if you had more mana you'd try to fix it with a fireball instead, he'd have to go to the temple now anyway, but you still need him to get rid of the ogre lord you stunned on the way in...