kw-uraptorguy-cl by BlackRat

kw-uraptorguy-cl by

Date: 2/25/2004 Views: 15809 Favorites: 145 Comments: 8


Pic 13, a "utahraptor" a critter id never heard of till a couple of nights ago. dinos are rarely done so heres one for the masses. Equipped with a blackrat brand magic ring heh heh


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What's with the blood? Kind of out-of-character to your usual style...


I thought it was a nosebleed (TF side effect?)


Now *this* is how it's done. I like how his body still retains some human-like muscle anatomy, yet is unmistakably velociraptorian. Extra credit for the sound effect, too. As for the blood, I remember seeing it in one other Blackrat picture, and with all that anatomical rearranging going on, it's not such a stretch to figure that there may be some hemorraging involved. All in all, bravo. :)


Nice, very nice, not many people seem to know this, but the Raptors that appeared in Jurassic Park were actually based on Utah Raptors, not velociraptors. Mr. Spielberg wanted to use something slightly larger then a velociraptor so he used that close cousin instead. Least that's what I've heard. Anyhow, great picture, well drawn, I like seeing the bloody effect the transformation is having on that fellows body.


I check transfur every day to see if any new blackrat stuff is up :)


Very nicely done. ^_^ ^_^


This is absolutely delicious in every way, well done!


Way to go, I like what you have done with the tf.