LittleJewelThief by CaliforniaKitFox

LittleJewelThief by

Date: 7/24/2006 Views: 21498 Favorites: 59 Comments: 5


The Littlest Jewel Thief has the ability to transform herself into a ferret, but she can easily get destracted by a shiny ball made of crumpled tinfoil.


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LOL, love the description you posted! Funny pic!


Cute i think. *thumbs up*


FERRET! *gleegleegleegleeglee!!!* This world needs more mustelid TFs. This is ADORABLE! And the idea of her clothing merging with the fur certainly helps, so she doesn't end up looking indecent when she changes back (although that's a kind of indecency I could live with!). So utterly adorable! Would you be able to colour it, please???


this girl has lupin beat :P at least lupin is not that badly distracted by a pretty girl, well other then fujico when he is out on a heist.


Lupin? As in Lupin the III?