SuburbanSheWolfColor by CaliforniaKitFox

SuburbanSheWolfColor by

Date: 7/26/2006 Views: 15522 Favorites: 40 Comments: 4


Suburban She Wolf. "Back off Lady! Those dresses at 50% off are MINE!"


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additionally in a valley mall you NEVER wanna say "like ohmygod, totally bit my head off why don'tcha?" to a werewolf shop-oholic. She might take you up on that offer. Awesome job though I loved this pic back when it was good ol B and W and you opened up new levels of cool to the pic.


seems like she gonna need those dresses ... or probably not :P good colouring job


Another quote could be "That's MY Parking Spot!!" Or "You dinged my door!" It's really nice to see new TF art from you.


That Sunset-Murcury vapor lamp induced, orange "Barf Glow" didn't quite turn out the way I wanted it to, but thanks.