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Not so fun anymore. by

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Fallout Equestria
Pony Transformation

Now if one were to be open to the idea of transformation, the mental trauma would be less severe, but if you were to transform into something (like a pony) the further you are transformed from a human form, the less likely you would survive it mentally. (Assuming your mental state was left human and not reduced to that of an animal. To say the least it looks cool in drawing, but the reality would be far more devistating than one might think.

Right now i am working on a fallout equestria story blending in the SCP Foundationx and am currently studying anything that might help bring realism to a human being being transformed, namely into a pony.


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If the individual WANT'S to be transformed, and is becoming a new form they Want to be, I would say there would be almost no mental trauma at all, aside from aspects of the reality of it being quite different from how they imagined it. Unless they immediately regret it and then can't change back.

Forced/Punishment TFs would almost certainly be the cruelest torture imaginable though. Having your Hands and Feet cut off one by one would likely be less Traumatic than being forced into a form the individual hated or was afraid of. Many would rather die. A cruelty Worse than Death.

(Though in context to myself and this image, I think Equines are beautiful, so my only displeasure to becoming a Pegasus, aside from not becoming a Fox instead [presuming my mind remains intact] would be the loss of my hands, which would be Devistating. The rest would be Awesome, IMHO. Wings. Functional WINGS!)


Upon further reflection, the METHOD of transformation would be quite significant as well. There are many interpretations for how one form could be reshaped into another, from effortless poofs of smoke, to almost natural looking but accelerated biological transition (like a child growing into an adult), to absolutely Nightmarish bone cracking, muscle tearing, flesh melting Horror Shows, and counless other ways. With some of those methods, no matter what one became in the end, ones mind would be traumatized beyond recognition by the experience, no matter what.

I am extremely fond of the idea of metamorphosis ... but only because I have a very strict set of rules in my mind of what I would or would not become, and through what methods and processes the transformation would take place. If those Rules were changed, in even seemingly subtle ways ... my Dream Come True could very easily become an absolute Nightmare, as it would for almost anyone.


Those are really good insights. The challenge is is simply constructing a scenario that will help them NOT to attempt to take their lives. The only way I could see it being done is if they were forced to deal with it by natives wanting to save their lives. The Wastland is bleek at best, and there are a good number of ponies that would no doubt atttempt to get them to see reason. Also the hope that returning to earth will undo the transformation will help as well.


YES more ponys please


awesome work tho love it


ya but why would you want to leave your a pony now you will maybe have a better life as a pony


Because in his story, Equestria is a Magical nuclear wasteland. Its based off the Fallout Equestria Series.