Bull To Minotaur TF by Ciervo

Bull To Minotaur TF by

Date: 4/4/2012 Views: 12269 Favorites: 58 Comments: 3


So, apparently this is the result of an Island of Doctor Moreau-type experiment: someone is trying to create mythological creatures, but cannot use humans (for ethical reasons) and wishes his minotaur to be an herbivore (which somewhat subverts the story of the virgin-eating minotaur, when you think about it...). Thank goodness, though: the one with control over this experiment doesn't use vivisection. His transformations are surprising, yes, but smooth and somewhat subtle. The bull, with his blooming self-consciousness, has a vague sense of the shifts in his legs, chest, necks, and forehooves...

A commission.


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Sign up... to become a bull, and then a minotaur? :P