Collared (for Cameroo) by Ciervo

Collared (for Cameroo) by

Date: 4/4/2013 Views: 12589 Favorites: 121 Comments: 11

Forced Transformation

So, while streaming the other day, Cameroo popped in to watch, unwitting that his transformation art had been some of my favorite since I discovered transformation art. Top of the list was the drawing upon which this picture was based.

Presented with a good idea -and having permission for such an homage granted by the artist- I decided to exploit my inspiration and try out a couple new fur brushes I'd gotten after watching something-wild stream his manip process. This picture, then, represents a significant step for me: the first time not using smudge to create fur! This will make furred TF manipulations more possible as well as facilitating anthros with long fur. Hooray!


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Looks very natural and I like that in art work.


Interesting o.o


Amazing i always liked your work and wait till we can make another commision :) One of your fans


Oh god, please make this a sequence!


I think I might take this opportunity to ask if I can post a well done photomanipulation I commissioned of a "copyrighted" creature... a "Flammie", which is essentially a fluffy, white, furred and feathered dragon. I think this would be okay for a number of reasons.

One, the creature is a little-known character from an old, debunked (no future sequals) video game: there is little chance of the creator asking for funds for having the creature on site. Also, being relatively unknown, as opposed to say, a pokemon or disney creation, the chances of this causing flammie art to flood the site is minimal. Most importantly, this is the most detailed single tf image to date, made by the photomanipulator "Devil's Violin", who has his work featured on this site: I think it would do him justice to have this available for viewing. I already requested permission from "official" channels (no response just yet), but wanted to see what public opinion would be ahead of time as well.


Of course, If there was a TransFur forum, I would have asked on there, but I figured this magnificent photomanipulation is the best area I could have asked.

That said, this is a fantastic piece... probably one of the better canine manipulations I've seen... I mentioned it before to Ciervo, but had I seen him first, I'd like to have commissioned him instead (don't have the budget for both just yet): Him and Devil's Violin do fantastic work, and would make fantastic partners (or rivals...;-) )


Don't you think sending an email to the site admins would be a better method than derailing someone's submission?


Heh, let's not further derail the submission ;)

And thanks, everyone, for the compliments! It would be interesting to make it a sequence, but I'm not sure what the additional poses would be. XD


I've come back to look at this one like five times already. I love it. :D


As I would like to be a dog of that breed or wolf


Amazing! You should use your Awesome skills to do a Reptilian style one. A scaley transformation with the way you can do this would be Great!