openCanvas Fox by Ciervo

openCanvas Fox by

Date: 4/12/2013 Views: 5874 Favorites: 73 Comments: 2


The second sketch I did in the openCanvas session with LanceFoxx, at his prompting. In which I discovered I like crosshatching?

I've also recently discovered that I enjoy being forced to think of poses for TFs on the spot. When they're impromptu, they're usually more dynamic and more creative than what I come up with when I stew unreasonably over the dilemma. Odd, eh?


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the claw is great and the detail is great. instafav! anyone agree?


Sexy. The lower jaw kind of runs into the upper, the shading makes the body look out of proportion with the head and paw, and the markings look very badger-like... but somehow, I love fox TFs, and still find this sexy. Keep going!