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I'm back and about to unload a bunch of stuff that I've been putting back from this site.

Hope you like it, though if you've seen my dA account this might not be new to you...sorry.


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Heheh... I do apologise, but the first thing that really tweaked my brain on seeing the last frame was "heh.... Buttwings"... But frankly, on an anatomic level, that would make the most sense, wouldn't it? It is interesting thinking about how this creature would fly through the air... I'm imagining her limbs sprawled wide and towards the back to balance herself more.

silly amusements aside, this is one of my favorite insect transformations: many people would be put of by the buggy nature, but I think she ends up being quite attractive through most of the transformation, all the way to the end of the image with a very beautiful final form. The way you handle how she moves her multiple limbs seems very natural and human, despite the alien anatomy, and of course the serene feel of the whole image is wonderful. you deserve accolades for making an attractive insect transformation (and resultant anthro)... they're rare.


I'm also interested in your avatar... feels like there's a story to him. That, and he looks like an eccentric character you'd see in an oddball anime like "FLCL" or some such.


Bah, one more comment, I'm feeling chatty I guess: Saw my first, and so far only, firefly about a week ago here in Wisconsin, resting on the front door of our apartment... twas midday, so it wasn't lit up: wouldn't have known it was a lightning bug if I hadn't seen em before (these ones basically just look like beetles). I really hope it wasn't a fluke, and hope to see their beautiful evening display later...


e umm how she can fly with wings in that place?

but destign is cool only thing i dont like is her belly well i did say too many arts in this style and i got question why alvays insect belly ust be so small?


I love how happy she is, becoming one with the creatures around her.


FYI: An insect belly is small because the organs are in the trunk instead of in the chest. So there is nothing to take up that space.


this is the Most adorable insect tf


Gotta second what SeaCigar said, this is pretty awesome, maybe one of my fave insect transes. I dig the character design on that final form, too. It's alien and buggy and creepy looking but also still pretty beautiful.

Also, fireflies. <3