Sumatran - Cancer Fund by Corvidima

Sumatran - Cancer Fund by

Date: 11/27/2007 Views: 17772 Favorites: 108 Comments: 9


[Sumatran Tiger - Cancer Fund] The pool was relaxation at its finest; allowing him to shed the façade we call humanity. Wading through, the gentle waves lapped against his skin, causing change wherever they touched. His skin prickled as new, downy hair covered his body, stripes darkening here and there. At long last his eyesight cleared; he blinked, taking off his unneeded spectacles. He would keep them as a memento…nothing more…


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i love it.




Art. Thats all I can say. It symbolizes the pure reason on which it was done.


very impressive


Again a very nice picture and very well done - but i still miss the TF-Aspect. Posting a picture of an anthro while telling the transformation in the description belongs to a TF-Story Website rather than on transfur. I´d like to see some real TF stuff with your skills. I´m sure it´d turn out nicely.


Azrael - go look at her (I think it's her) back catalog of stuff. I personally thought that this piece, with the description, was one of the highlights of Transfur's recent past. Occasionally, there's something like this, where the description just makes the picture, and it gets saved along with the art - since it really is a part of that art.


He's still transforming. You just can't :ahem: see that last bit ^_*


Chrontius - I agree! This is definitely TransFur material and I for one am very glad to see it posted here. Nice job, Corvidimus!


Fantastic work.