Saberwizard - Cancer Fund by Corvidima

Saberwizard - Cancer Fund by

Date: 12/13/2007 Views: 15660 Favorites: 36 Comments: 6

Saber-Toothed Cat

[Smilodon Wizard - Cancer Fund] There....he heard it again. The wizard opened one of his pouches, drawing forth the powedered smilodonis ferrous. There were consequences with meddling in the affairs of the magical, and he would show the intruder just what kind. He tossed the powder above him, and felt the world shimmer. Padding softly around a corner the moonbeams filtered through the tall windows, making his furry coat glisten. He shook the last of the powder off him. He would have to remember to refill his stock later...


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Hmmm...very well done. Just a few questions...did you use watercolors for this or something? this powder which he used only a temporary effect?


You'd have to ask the character's creator, The Lurking Fox. All the Cancer Fund pieces are digital (except some sketching - I'm just no good at drawing on the computer)


Love the lighting and the shimmer! Such a beautiful pose too.


Lurking Fox here! Thanks for the great pic! The story that goes with this was supposed to be just a transformation story but it has gained an unusual twist! A hint - his teeth are actually made of steel!


Wow! This is amazing!


great drawing , but it looks a little like the chimera in fullmetal alchemist. im not saying anything bad. and sorry if i insult somebody.