Ophrys by Coyoteskin

Ophrys by

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I clearly don't know what I'm doing @__@ (in terms of merging sequences...and also drawing)

Thank you to Artist_Guy and Bleuski - both of whom helped me with difficulties.


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:) yes worked out great!


me encanta estas presentando la manada. pero todavia te falla la explicación historias. no tengo ideas clara de que sucede.but I more paerejas of character luna and fang. everything has less bullets. you only fail to explain the answer.


Very well-detailed and professional looking!


Her clothes magically disappeared. :P

Nice piece though!


The person transforming is a guy, right?


Yes. It is the guy in the middle of the top pane that is changing.


Mr Rochester?


Those guys look familiar. Related to http://www.transfur.com/Users/Coyoteskin/Submissions/11782 ? :o


tenko: the answer is in the art >.>

Webwolf: It is a guy, and it's more like he took/tore the clothes off lol

Flerg: Nope! But he'll come around again (probably)

All of these characters have appeared in my gallery here before >.> In one form or another.

Good to see you Wolfnick ^^


im just confused on who the sleeping guy is in that one pannel...


Middle panels from left to right: Lux, Katja, Ilkay, Evey, Ophrys


Ilkay and Ophrys are brothers


In this type of informasción that faltava. was obvious that the twin brother was kindly bad for your character. I do not understand some of you that does the Ilkay is asleep? Como mencione ,te falta comentario explica lo que sucede de base.


He is uhm - he lost a fight. He attempted to fight his brother, to defend Evey, but got knocked out instead ^^

>_> There's a follow up to this of course