cb goth by Currerbell

cb goth by

Date: 1/12/2007 Views: 18266 Favorites: 82 Comments: 5


Goth girl gets a little more in touch with the dark side. Sorry for the poor scan, I will try to get it cleaned up soon.


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Currer Bell Lives!


Wow thats a nice one. Well done!


Pretty good, for the most part. But what the heck is with her left foot? Even allowing for the fact that it's further in the foreground than the right foot, it's still a bit too long.


cute idea, great art


I'm sorry... almost a decade of viewing transformation art, and I still can't understand how someone can have bat-wing membranes under their arms without destroying their corsets (or tunics or shirts or almost any other form of torso clothing, save maybe a poncho). Her skirt is reacting to her transformation... why not her corset? (I'm sorry, but I've seen too many bat or wyvern transformations make this exact same mistake...) Great artwork, IMO, from one of my favorite TransFur artists... but not quite thought-out enough in this regard.