kung fu by Currerbell

kung fu by

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A preliminary sketch for a sequence idea I had--an aging and desperate character actor agrees to undergo a controversial new procedure in order to secure a part as the lead villain in a kung-fu movie. Little does he know that the role isn't that of a human...:-) Here, he is a bit put out with his agent, for pretty straight-forward reasons.


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Out of curiosity, did you sketch that freehand, or were there blue lines under it that we're not seeing? If not, wow. :D


Hmmm, I kan't think which movie it kould be...... I am only Mortal ofter all! Plenty of Kombat in it though! LOL


Haha! This looks great! Love the pose of the characters and interaction. If you do do any more of the story, I await it eagerly! :D


Ha, his kung fu is weak :)


He should have read the fine print: after all, forewarned *is* four- armed...... 7@=Q




Just a shot in the dark: Has the Dragon just Entered? :D


Nice tf, oh and to group them I think you have to name them as a sequence, e.g. kung fu_1, kung fu_2 then it'll do it automatically, at least that's what I think.. it said it somewhere on the website


Close, yeah, once you have them all named identically but with a progressional numbering, you can edit the image and then choose "merge into sequence" and pick the rest of the sequence. Neat concept and TF so far! :D


Huh. For sume reason, I thought it would've been a spider. Oh well, still looking good.


... You know, if this happened in a movie, I just might watch it. And as a rule, I hate martial arts movies.


Is this something you will ever finish? I am interested to see how it goes.


i like this but barely understand it plz draw more