LizzycostumeSmall by Daniel-kay

LizzycostumeSmall by

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This (un)lucky fellow has learned a lesson there, if you deal with someone making magical costumes don't piss them off... at least not if you planned on taking it OFF again


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Oh, he's absolutely adorable! Great job! ^^


Wow. I wonder where I can find a suite like that? ;)


spells r us?


awesome job, that should teach him not to be ingratefull


Excellent! The colour really makes this sequence pop. :)


As a suit make, I... half agree with Rex. Though if the guy didn't want any insults, he could TRY not to make the pre-change so bad, or this will just happen over and over... Which is nothing for us to complain about! Very nice series, I like the concept and execution both.


Oh wow, I really like this one! *Puts in favorites.*


(re; Xodiac) I have the suspicion the magic suitmaker makes the "improvement" phase a surprise presicely so he can trap the ones likely to complain before he reveals the surprise ;=P


Might I just say this is the GREATSEST costume tf i have ever seena dn i would LOVE to chat to you some time about drawing more, i mean, as trades or somthing. Really dude! This is wow!


pheh, yeah, I agree with Xodiac. Sure, the guy sounds like an ass, but depending on the amount of money spent, he might be perfectly justified. If this costume dealer is deliberately baiting people like this, he deserves a curse, not the kid. Ah, the folly of mages. Still, I'd have to say you're doing a wonderful job learning to flesh out your characters, and the way his body plumps up and "fills" the costume is very believable, something only someone who has a solid grasp on loose materials (cloth and such) and depth could achieve effectively. II am not a fan of fat reptiles/furs/ etc. (though normal reptiles are grand)... regardless of the subject manner, you did wonderfully.


If I may, By the end picture? He is not fat, he is built like a normal dragon. Dragon's always have a thick belly to the under tail so that they may keep warm in the wintertime, just like dinosaurs did, therefore, I find his work to be very accurate.


I'll buy one! : )


I want one.


I love the round tummy.


Really perfect how the costume looks EXACTLY like a costume in the first picture, all saggy & with a blank expression on its face, compared with the guy's unnerved look and bulgy body at the end. Bravo!


If he keeps his receipt, could he get a refund?


i want a suit like that too. please make another one


Well, simple solution to get back at her. Eat her.


is it a her, or a he?


Very very nice pic! Wish that was me...btw, what does 7@=Q mean?


i would agree with final-form please make me one also


if she made em real more often and one like a dog i would buy one!


Nice! And this is why I do not piss off any magical costume makers. :P