RolePlay - I'm warning you! by Demyxia

RolePlay - I'm warning you! by

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Ripped Clothing

“I’m… I’m warning you, Jay.” He blushed furiously, but let one of his hands snap and pop, the fingernails growing thick and dark into threatening claws, but he didn’t intend to cause harm. It was more the change itself that he meant to use as a deterrent and already Jayce could feel him pressing down just a little more, pushing the panda just a little further into the cushions of the couch.

Zander groaned lowly while soft feathers crawled over his features, dotting his face and spiraling up his arm from the paw that was nearly changed and rapidly growing to its usual size. More and more he pressed into the panda, his weight increasing along with his mass while his chest thickened and snapped, cracked, and popped. He growled a bestial groan, his whole body trembling with the sound as the rest of him lengthened and widened.

The medic garnered a strange sort of enjoyment from changing against Jayce in this manner, feeling his panda fondle him from behind, his long, thickening tail trapped between Jayce’s thighs until he’d stretched beyond it. He continually groaned at the man that held him, his muzzle soon stretching to prod into Jayce’s chin with a soft snort. He’d forgotten to remove his clothing gain, his jeans were crying out in protest, the seams tearing and snapping as his thighs grew muscular and taut beneath the fabric. The light shirt he’d chosen was quickly becoming nothing more than a holy mess, but he was too lost in the moment to care, too enthralled in the bliss that had overcome him to notice how the front of his tearing pants squirmed with excitement, how his hot breaths ghosted up Jayce’s neck and into his hair. Soon enough the weaver’s snout was long enough to gently touch into the other man’s hair and against his soft ear, even closer for him to hear the medic’s animalistic groans of enjoyment.


Another thing from RP, just my parts from the TF part cause I thought you guys might enjoy it. The background is that Jayce was teasing Zander and Zander was threatening him by TFing on top of him, thus squishing him into the couch. The image would be the aftereffect of Zander being pretty proud of himself and Jayce just playfully annoyed.