Willow Pig TF by Dragon-Storm

Willow Pig TF by

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Another old Image i had touched up


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Favorite part of that movie :)


Hell yeah i love this part to death and back man


My all time favorite scene after the one in Pinocchio.


Ranzab did it 1000x better.


ahhhh Willow. great movie


How weird... I just watched that movie yesterday.


^Wow "DumbPig" way to go on the constructive criticism, why bite the hand that feeds? I can never understand why people tear down artists for no apparent reason, they're providing a free service, go troll somewhere else, parasite. Nice work Dragon-Storm, by the way, always enjoy your work.


Thanks for the praise guys, the troll not so much


Ya know dumbpig, Ranzab left because of people like you. :P.


I didn't know not showering the artist with endless praise automatically meant you were a troll.


Not to add to the drama llama but let's define what constructive criticism, praise and trolling are. Constructive criticism could be: good job, but maybe if you made the ears floppier and the outline a bit thinner it would look better. Praise is: that's so amazing, I love it, you're great! And trolling is: man you're so sick, go yiff in hell furfag, X or Y is so much better than you.

In other words, constructive criticism points out what could be improved, praise is a comment that only looks at the positive aspects (sometimes even with bias) and trolling is anything from rudeness to harassment.

I am sorry, DumbPig, if you simply used the wrong choice of words by mistake and we're all telling you off without cause. But next time try to be firm, but polite, with criticism.


Well, if we're dishing out criticisms; you should only use an apostrophe for contractions or to denote that something belongs to something ("this is the pig's trough").

There, see? I'm not being complimentary there, and am in fact obsessing over a fairly unimportant part of the picture, but I'm providing a specific objection with an obvious solution.


I was a bit more pissed at the comparison i mean you don't see people saying others artwork sucks cause Caravaggio did it better etc...


Show me in my comment where I said it sucked and I'll retract it. And if people are so self conscious about what people on the internet think of their art, maybe they shouldn't post it.


I think it is a cracking little piece myself


Exactly h ow did Ranzab do it 1000x better? How do any of us know what you like more about that other artist or his art, all we can know about you from your comment is that you leave criticism that is very vague and useless for improving on aspects you like.


It's a decent piece. There's just one issue: Transfur doesn't allow art of copyrighted characters. Ah well.


More detailed and realistic, less cartoony. But it's a difference in styles and im not looking to compare the two. Just saying he did it better.


Ciervo: Good point, but there is no mention of names or anything defining the characters as thecones from the movie, so (in my opinion) it's perfectly fine.