Alien TF by Dragon-Storm

Alien TF by

Date: 4/2/2008 Views: 9374 Favorites: 27 Comments: 5

Beware Aliens


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Ok, I have to admit Thats a wicked alien man. The pose would be improved but I love the aliens look. Well done dude!


Thanks I was Going For A blended style of the aliens for the movie "Aliens" And the Alien Vistors form that X-men Episode Where the try to turn Wolverine and Rouge into Aliens...


Dragonide =/= Dragoniade.... Anyway.. I always liked xenomorph kind of TFs, but I thought alien transformation wasn't allowed. :x Unless they changed the content policy or will soon. (Google isn't a very reliable source for xenomorph searchin)


Sweeeeeet! >:3 If there was an alien I'd's this one. Cause of all the cool body parts.


I wish I was him 😢. Good pic though I like it 😊