Starfish TF by Dragon-Storm

Starfish TF by

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Hopefully she gets in the water soon... starfish dry up on land, I think...


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I'm going to pre-empt any comments from pedants here saying the TF is 'anatomically unrealistic' because starfish have five limbs with a mouth at the center, instead of four limbs and a head, so she wouldn't change like that, blah blah.... don't okay? Just DON'T.


What do you mean... her head is becoming the the last limb...


Well that would be the point you see, since it leaves the mouth at the center unaccounted for. That's where her head would actually have to go. But oops, I was supposed to be avoiding a right/wrong debate, and there I go at it anyway. :)


I see, But either a new mouth would form in the middle, or the head would move down in my mind, she is after all still transforming...


Well, I like that you included her empty bikini in the background.


Pfft. There's an orifice in about the right place that could be repurposed, if one were to be the sort who likes to ponder such things. :)


The belly button is not an orifice, It could however become one, I don't rememeber if thats how I planned it, I just thought about the body becomeing a starfish, and sense you didn't see the underside, I thought no one would get into it...


There's a woman turning into a starfish.Don't try to bring logic to that.


starfishes dry opp on land, they are ment to be in te wather... good drawig