V as in very fatColors by Dragon-Storm

V as in very fatColors by

Date: 11/3/2010 Views: 13301 Favorites: 45 Comments: 5


Commission Done for the ABC's of TF of the person turning into a big fat pig, just a clean skecth and colors only 20bucks :3


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Nice pick. And 20 bucks... *Searches pocket* All i got is a 10. A button. And a hand grenade with a 12 year fuse and no pin.(must have fallen off at some point) lol jk. But still great pic


that ALMOST looks like luffy his outfit from ONE PIECE XD


I guess it does funnyslayer, the commissioner wanted it of himself and in the pic he was weaing a red shirt shorts and sandels LOLZ :3


I agree with you funnyslayer; to me it looks like Luffy's outfit with Sanji's hair. lol.


I don't know I guess thats what vaughn looks like