Mechanis Industries Recruitment program Phase 1 - Jager by Dragonmanmike

Mechanis Industries Recruitment program Phase 1 - Jager by

Date: 11/16/2016 Views: 7385 Favorites: 21 Comments: 3

Forced Transformation

Mechanis Industries is proud to welcome our newest employee Jager to our family. What? You forgot to tell him about the conversion clause? Oh well looks like the shock is getting to him, but that should pass soon enough.

Commission for nevermint of his character Jager being converted into one of our patented general labour units.


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Lol Its Wolf A Being Turned Into A Robot Deer To Do Labour Work And I Like The Way Its Done Up really Nice Blue's Silver's And Black's By The Way I Can Not Wait To See Phase 2 Lol


Well Mechanis Industries has to keep up appearances. Slick designs and vibrant colours make the organics more apt to trust synthetic beings.

Also phase two is located here


damn I so wanna request one but you probably don't do requests.