The Unlucky Knight by DstRoy

The Unlucky Knight by

Date: 4/2/2015 Views: 10652 Favorites: 67 Comments: 4

Ripped Clothing

"Tears appeared to his eyes as he realized that this would be his downfall."

This piece raises conflicting feelings in me. It turned out quite, meh, in my opinion. And I could have done this much better, but when I started this pic around Christmas, my inspiration was really low, lowest than ever, and I was depressed because of it. But when I got closer to finishing this, my inspiration started to raise again. And when I got it done after new year, I felt accomplished and slightly proud for pushing through the depression and finishing this pic. So this pic reminds me not to give up, even if you feel empty and tired, don't give up.

But the pic itself is still, meh. :D


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I feel bad for that guy. Remember kids, don't piss off the old witch!


Now that's a solid piece of advice! :D


Downfall? Or new beginning? That's the actual question here...


A good set of questions. And the answer lies in the story I wrote for this piece. :3

It can be read in my FA page under this pic. :)