Rolling on floor, transforming. by DstRoy

Rolling on floor, transforming. by

Date: 8/18/2015 Views: 8777 Favorites: 71 Comments: 3

Ripped Clothing

No wait. Oh, it's rolling on floor laughing! My bad.

This is my part of a trade with a friend of mine, UncannyCanine. :D

This jumped into a middle of my projects, but I don't mind, I had fun drawing it. :D

Drawn in two bursts of sky high inspiration. And left sketchy on purpose, because I like it how it is. :D

Late night sketching sure is dangerous. Remember that kids.


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I love how you took the opportunity to have the character's body naturally be able to turn (since he's on the floor). Getting several different angles of the TF (especially the turned head and that elevated foot-claw) is a great strategy. Good job!


Thank you very much! :3

And great analysis, love it :D


he looks like he's in pain