Monster Hunter Enhanced Reality by DstRoy

Monster Hunter Enhanced Reality by

Date: 12/30/2015 Views: 7513 Favorites: 62 Comments: 4

Ripped Clothing

Hey, what a new and awesome marketing trick! Now where is the game?

And yet another long-in-the-making piece done! And it turned out rather well, I'd say. :D

This teostra tf piece was requested by Kuro-the-panther from FA and I had a ton of fun drawing this. :)

The colours and background turned out better than I expected, and this piece is one of the few ones that I actually kinda like. :P

It's not wise walking without shoes in a convention.


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Huh... MH tfs are very rare. Good on you and Kuro.


They are indeed, sadly. :I

And thanks :D


Nice, a TF from an underrated category! Pretty cool!


Why, thank you! :D