Isla Grace - Full TF by Dusker78

Isla Grace - Full TF by

Date: 8/27/2015 Views: 38886 Favorites: 290 Comments: 5


(6 of 6) A semi non-canon TF sequence from my comic, Professor Amazing and The Incredible Golden Fox. These images are of the comic's protagonist (well, one of the two), Isla Grace. Please visit the comic's website at for a preview video and the first few pages (updated every Friday). There are no TFs in the comic as of yet, but it will be very much TF-centric.

If you'd like to see the comics a month ahead of time and in high definition, please become a Patron of mine at These images will also be available in high definition there for a $5/month subscription. You'll also find other images there that will only be available to my Patrons. Thanks in advance!


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i like it cant wait to see part 3


the last 3 parts*


I like seeing you here Dusker, though I then get reminded of your old comic and how it isn't around anymore and it makes me sad.


In my own little humble opinion, a beautiful fox woman would hardly be considered a failure.


I was wondering why this style seemed so familiar and then i saw the artist.