PAIGF ch03 p02 by Dusker78

PAIGF ch03 p02 by

Date: 7/26/2016 Views: 17546 Favorites: 112 Comments: 5


We've recently started chapter three of Professor Amazing and The Incredible Golden Fox at This is our first chance to see Isla Grace become the Incredible Golden Fox (on purpose). For those of you who visit the comic regularly, this will give you a chance to experience the comic in its full HD format. For those of you who wish to see all of the pages like this (and see them a month in advance), you just need to become a Patron at


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Still cool x3


i do love ur work she very purty


translate interesting project it is follow some time as ends.


What Does The Fox Say?


The entire thing is amazing but I particularly love the panel where she's stretching her leg preparing to run and it is TFing at the time.