ev-perfectman by Everard

ev-perfectman by

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Another confusing scenario. Talk amongst yourselves.


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I, too, want a pony.


heh i like this one


Interesting thought, given the interruption to the loveplay (given the half-horse running from the window), would the pair be stuck inbetween or slowly slide to full horse, or need to finish what they started to return to normal... Interesting plot points huh?


It's sad, but perhaps true. Women want men who can "take them somewhere" (whatever that is suppossed to mean), and so, the dream man is, essentially, a horse. Probably a workhorse. Yes, this is the product of our male dominated culture and wishing to control women. Funny how reality/karma/god/jesus/random causal forces do that.


Yes, TEJ, that is what it used to be... but now women want to be the breadwinner and take the reins and do as they wish, leaving the man at home with the kids and the housework. Are you sure this solution wouldn't be easier for him to have and his fooling of her to accept it?


Anothe take is that the boyfriend is turning into a horse in the bedroom while the horse is turning human out in the corral.


Well, if the the women wanted was her boyfriend to be a stud well she pretty much got it....oh and if the a mare in the field wanted a human to really understand her, she got what she wanted. Really both girls got their way but the boys (sadly for them) didn't. oh well.....