Wyvern Gaius by Evion

Wyvern Gaius by

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Forced Transformation
Partial Change

Hey guys! Long time no see here!

I've been getting back to my TF passion and roots a bit, and been getting my various galleries caught up with work from the past years!

Gaius here is an OC of mine that I've been tormenting with several TFs. This particular AU setting is inspired by the text game Flexible Survival, but branched off into its own setting idea with a modern city under siege by a cross-dimensional force and people fighting monsters while trying to avoid becoming them. Gaius was unlucky to be caught by a wyvern and incubated in a nest for some time before escaping with a good deal less of his humanity in-tact.


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Man this is cool! Has he finished transforming, and having to deal w/ being a 75% dragon person, or is he gonna go full wyrven?


I'm working with this as his final form. I'm thinking most of the afflicted people that change end up as a hybrid of sorts, though some go full-monster. Most of those victims lose their minds, while the hybrids are able to stay more functional. So Gaius gets to enjoy still fitting through doors, but has to move around on all fours and doesn't get full flight capability, only some gliding!


Anatomically, the only difference with his legs is that his feet gained length and obviously have scales and claws. Would you think someone could still walk upright with those feet?


With the feet, yes, but his hips have shifted a good deal as well, resembling something much closer to a large feline, skeleton-wise. I know I didn't illustrate it best in the art (something I'm working on improving!), but he'd be able to walk on two legs similar to how a dog or cat could do it, but not in the leg-swinging way that humans normally walk, and it'd take a lot of practice to get the balance right!


That would be weird getting used to that. I think with a number of animals the thighs and shins are also different from ours in the way that they're shorter compared relatively with our own. Their knees aren't as apparent as ours at the end of the thigh, making people think the heels of their feet are reversed knee joints.


Nice! Gives me an idea for my OC, pretty much becoming a werewolf/human hybrid like how Gaius is half/ 3 quarters wyrven :D


I love wyverns!


I love this stuff :3


I approve of this image. ^,..,^




This is cracio see this character, because in IDM, you had a dragon conflito