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Date: 10/17/2006 Views: 69621 Favorites: 298 Comments: 20


One of the first transformation sequences I ever did, this one happens to be of a 1920's flapper who is magically changed into a humanoid sphinx kind of creature. Sadly, I couldn't keep the drive to color the final stage, so this is as complete as it shall ever be!


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But... but... no color? Auhhh =P Nice pic all the same - very well done.


shocked first, but happy again later -- great expressions - heh wings like that are cool I guess :)


Oooh, muscular. Oddly, I like it ^-^ Good proportions and though out character design - whether you did it intentionally or not!


Yay! A 1920's girl:) I love the 1920's!


I love the Sphinx. ^^


Absolutely wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing these with us! Expressions, pose, posture, clothes design, proportions etc. are all spot on, and your colouring is perfect as well, well done!


Very pretty! I agree with CorvusCorax and Erasmus, the expressions are great!


she's a cutie for her final form! I love it, and the whole '20s thing was absolutely a great idea!


Your style is amazing. The final image is awesome even without color. The cigarette in the last panel is a nice touch too.


Pretty neat, considering how trendy the Egyptian style was back then.


This is a really well done sequence, please dont get me wrong but theres one thing about it that bugs me. All the little details from #1 into #2 that just vanish without a trace... the final is okay since its a completely different setting and everything, but even just the smallest visual clue as to what happened to her hat, her ankle bands, shoes, that stripe on the shirt, necklace, etc... I dunno would really give it that extra dimension I feel. Take it how you will from a fellow artist (not on here ) offering artistic critique.


VERY well done. Too bad the last pic won't be colored : ( But... +fave anyways!


Yay flapper's. l love the 20: I have the fadora, zoot suit, and mad swing skillz to prove it. Any ways, love the concept


like it... but would like to see the last in colour too ;-D


oh AWESOME! great pics, the colors are wonderful, and i love your line quality -- you have a cool style!


This is pretty cool, but I'd hate to see the last picture remain colorless. I'm only a novice at using colored pencils, and I can only upload art at DA right now (I have the same username there), but I'd love to make an attempt at coloring it, if it's okay with you. If not, that's okay, it's still an awesome sequence regardless. :)


Please finish the last one!


hey, sorry my coment, but i saw one little erro in you're drawing, in the last picture the foot is not right, the foot left to be in leg right and the foot right to be leg left, but is realy goodi realy like


color the last 1 plz!!! added o faves n e ways


Nice job! I honestly think that you should put the last page in color.