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Class doodle based off my recent ideas for Tanis's final form after the curse has worked its way through. This is mostly just me wondering what she'll be like along the way, once she gets more dragon-y. I'm probably making her too cute, but part of me feels bad being too mean to the poor girl. XD Still working on balancing transformation aspects while maintaining that sense of "young girl" around her.


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one question, how does your art class react to your TFing furries, as it is considered such an outside fetish by society's standards


My guess is she doesn't do these for art class projects, but on the side. Else we may get a lot more of it :P Besides, I don't think they let their students free-draw. They make them draw pictures out of lines and whatnot. And another note... Evion, Your art is perhaps some of the most refreshing art here on Transfur. Keep up the good work! And where can I find some of these stories? :P


Actually, that's a good question Flicker! I'm very lucky in that my art program allows me to create art I want to, which largely means comic-style art. I haven't shown my class much of my TF art, only a few pieces of the Dragoncursed and the sequences I've done for Island of Doctor Moreau, which are also in my gallery here. So, since I don't really go into the fetish side of TF, it's not as weird. True, I don't know what they think about the animal characters, but I see them as more comparable to the old cartoons we used to watch, like TMNT and Robin Hood. I'm very lucky to have art professors who are into comics and anime as well. XD What's important to me is the characters and the stories, and I respect both in most of my art, so I hope that shows through? Though I've gotten odd looks for the anthro characters I draw before! And thanks Nall, and sadly we don't have any of the stories cleaned up and posted anywhere yet. I need to poke my co-creator about that. >_>


I like to see more Please.


Her new little muzzle is adorable, as are the changes to her eyes. At least the former means less of her tongue's sticking out, poor gal. :)


I've seen bits and pieces of this "Dragoncursed" art here and there- is there somewhere the story is collected all in one place?


this is absolutely precious; the art is amazing. btw, Evion, I can totally relate to what you wrote, in that I also draw anthro comics for my art college classes, and it's interesting how non-anthro or tf artists react to it.


well, nothing wrong with cute ^_^


Art class reactions aside, this is an awesome picture. The expression as this happens is very human and adds a lot to this picture. Can't wait for the rest.... or any more pictures from you period!


So? She's a cute dragon. There's nothing wrong with having her transform into a being that's cute, for a dragon. It just means she can worry about people hugging her, or be embarassed about it.


awww I love her stubby snout! Sometime it'd be interesting to see a colored piece of her "Later" forms when you're inspired :)


It's not often that something on Transfur makes you want to go 'Awwww' and give them a hug, but... you managed it. Somehow. Is it bad that I hope I can catch this over standard TCP/IP? ^_^


You kno if there was a book of this I would get it the whole Idea is very appeling to me