Hawk Shift by Evion

Hawk Shift by

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Hey, been a while since I had any transforming art to upload here! Hawk is one of those unfortunates from "Changeling: The Lost" (a tabletop RP by White Wolf) who was stolen away by the Fae and subsequently transformed to better suit his purpose. In order to escape, he had to give up his wings to regain some semblance of humanity. Still, there are advanced magical powers that allow Changelings like himself to shapeshift... perhaps that's what's going on here? I dunno! >.>


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I take it he was being used in hunts as a falconer? I've played the game a bit, and there is indeed plenty of transformation potential, though it stems more from celtic and fey lore of abductions and strange, soul twisting realms then lycanthropy or true shapeshifting. I'd wager this guy had a rough life there. Imagine the prey his fey masters had him hunt... probably post humans like him... making him tear them to pieces, or suffer cruel punishment... only for him and his prey to be healed the subsequent day for more hunting. yeah, it can be dark.


Very nice, indeed--I play this, too (I have a literal street rat named Lizzie), and I sympathize. Imagine, too, only realizing what exactly you had to do once you got away, not being able to control yourself because your mind was not your own...


I really like how the transformation complements his human appearance. His face and lean frame are very bird-like.


I play this game too; Beasts are my favorite Seeming. Very interesting design for a Windwing character.


I have GOT to make a costume like that...