reindeer-elf by Faunus

reindeer-elf by

Date: 12/10/2003 Views: 21512 Favorites: 68 Comments: 6


I was inspired by some other TFs I found on here before...unfortunately, I can't find them again. Anyway, in the spirit of the season, I ask you: what says "Christmas" more than an elf-to-reindeer TF?


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Lol, nice rippage.<br>

If you're looking for other elf-to-reindeer TF's, Black Rat/Keanon Woods has 2 in his archive; you may be able to find them quickly by searching by species.


Thank you...I knew I'd seen those somewhere, but I couldn't remember who had done them.



Female elf to male deer (males are the one's with the antlers). Nice TF, whatever the case!


Just imagine the Big Guy's pitch: "Consider it a promotion, kid; you're geting a high-profile position now..." 7@=e


It looks similar to one Ian William did awhile back that I think was a two or three pic sequence. I have them on one of my discs somewhere....


Just to correct Azzor: female reindeer are the only ones that keep their antlers year-round (which means Santa has an all-doe squad).