Plane Fox by Fazar

Plane Fox by

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Baggy Clothes

I was going to write a larger overarching story for this but will probably do that later to help build the world. If you want the short of it though, it's based on the animal vacation/spa thing, where people are turned into foxes and sold as exotic pets.

Gentleman here was an investor for the company, but ran into a bit of a complication on his flight home, so it looks like he'll still be investing in the company, but only now he's product to be sold off.

Had a lot of fun, redrew some parts a few times, heavily reference background.

I hope to add more story/picture about this fox selling business as more people are turned into pets.


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Even better if his company was into selling fox pelts. Truly that would be some great karmic justice right there.

Anyways, love this. Poor guy doesn't look too happy there. Also good to see you didn't skimp on the background like a lot of people do. Respekt. (y)


Jeller, Norwegian?


At least he didn't use his frequent FLYER miles :P


Plenty of leg room now.


lol I never seen a fox in a plane before


Hmmm.... If Samuel Jackson was on this plane would he say, "I am tired of these mf foxes on this mf plane!"?

I personally doubt it, because foxes are awesome; that, or me might not be able to say that as a fox.


Try saving the image XD a surprise awaits XD