Hump De Bump by Fenchurch

Hump De Bump by

Date: 9/28/2008 Views: 8879 Favorites: 13 Comments: 3


Crazy exaggerated proportions time! This was a late night OC with Halfwing. He didn't get time to finish his contribution, so I omit it here. I really wanted to do a really weird looking change, with one limb/hand bigger than the other. It's not great, meant to be a kind of "head dipped, anxious, arms bent back" look, but I still like the disconcerting effect. =-P


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Left hand/arm is a bit awkward looking but I like the face and hump. Should definitely find a way to show off those lovely camel knees if you do another onewith this species ^.^


Nice RHCP ref.


Aaaaa: Hurrah! Someone got it! =-P And thanks Yargo, yes, it's not quite right, hands are my weak point in general! And as for knees... Yes, I definitely have them in mind, hun. :-P