Fen Fursuit by Fenchurch

Fen Fursuit by

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I've been on a merging/costuming TF kick, recently. I know this is kind of a minority TF idea to draw, but I drew a couple of pics I really liked in this vein, like this one, and thought I'd share them. :-3 This is kind of a double TF, as a certain lioness has been turned into a fursuit, and Zho, on putting her on, finds himself turning into a lioness himself!


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Costume TF's have their charm, although I prefer ones where the character "suits up" with goo, in similar manner to a pig TF posted here earlier. Throw in a sentient costume and you have the potential for a very squicky, very strange romance situation. XD


That's cool. I like it. Keep it up!


This is a nice twist to what the usual costume TF is..... nice to see something new in this type


Squence this now >:L