Spontaneous Cowism by Flinters

Spontaneous Cowism by

Date: 12/25/2009 Views: 23410 Favorites: 175 Comments: 7


Another MFF2009 sketchbook pic. Customer wanted a mostly changed girl to cow TF. Don't you just hate spontaneous cowisms?


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She was working at the convent farm at the time - it was a case of udder nunsense.


well, i find them quite enjoyable, As long as they are not happening to me


Cow in the back is NOT AMUSED


Well, very convenient place to transform besides. Nice drawing!


Funny: I always thought 'spontaneous' and 'cow' were mutually exclusive.... they're about the least spontaneous creatures you're liable to meet. 7@=Q


Oh no, I for one would certainly love to see more spontaneous cowism. The cow in the back though I also feel is not amused. As if they're like "I see past your cowy-ness, you're a lie cow!" Great piece! I'd love to see it as a sequence, or colored, it would look wonderful!^^


Oh i don't hate it, at least when seeing it catch someone else. Very nice drawing ^..^