bearcostume by Fox0808

bearcostume by

Date: 5/25/2010 Views: 21043 Favorites: 75 Comments: 10

Second Skin

This was a request done for Swatcher, involving two people merging together, so i came up with this, Enjoy!


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I'd rather be on top: least that way you'll still be able to think. :P


kinda sucks for both of them any way nice job :)


(sorry, can't resist) Look


###damn pda###... Looks like Steve will be the 'bear necessities'! Great pic!


maybe both be able to think and feel but in diferent ways. in wich case, bottom might be prefered :P


i dont really like it but thats not saying its bad just its not really the stuff i like =/ but i love the rest of your art so keep it up


I'm a bit of a merging nut myself, and prefer a more idealistic spin on it: any being involved in the merge recieves an equal take on mind, will, pleasure, memories, etc. With the transformation mitigating any possible debates, such as "I am married to rebecca... well *I* am single! ... ah, so we were single until Rebecca came into our lives... I was single until Rebecca came...* . Such mitigation is entirely possible, allowing for the two wills to merge in a satisfied manner. I am fond of possession, merging, and other transformation involving a figure forcefully pumping its essence into another, binding the two equally, but that of course, is just my viewpoint. I am not a fan of bears, but everything else works great for me: Thanks for sharing:)


I love how weird this is.


Big fan of your art xD


"Steve?" KP

He has no idea what's happening...