Shears by Foxx

Shears by

Date: 3/26/2003 Views: 18429 Favorites: 72 Comments: 4


It.. won't... stop... -growing!-


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actually, I drew this picture just because I had the pose idea of him holding his head, blocking part of his face from view. =) well, I figgure he's trying to cut off the wool as it grows in, perhaps in an attempt to stop the shift? he's gonna be a rather silly looking sheep, no? =P meerkat - mmm. yes, for quite some time, but inspiration for that is hard to come by.


Interesting. Nice to see it turned out so well. You're really starting to use more objects in your work. Too few artists do (myself included).

Significantly better than some of your more recent work. Hope to see more.


Really cool pic:) Definetly one of my favourite sheep tf pics


really cool pic