GoatEnd by Foxx

GoatEnd by

Date: 6/19/2003 Views: 11123 Favorites: 46 Comments: 6


my first pic in a while... I been a busy fox, but now I've got my inspiration flowing again. ^^ hope ya'll like it - -pose took a few attempts, and overall I think the back end of him works better than the front end...


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I like this a lot. You don't often see TFs where one major chunk of the body has TFed much more rapidly than the rest, and I think the effect is rather cool. I'd like to see more along these lines.


It reminds me of your older "Goated" pic. the legs look almost too short, though. but it's a good pic. I always like your work Foxx.


I am guessing that's the end of that human. But awesome tf. The floppy ears I just love and the changes of the lower goat body to the upper human body. The ringed ear is a nice touch giving him a more human look. But overall a super cool neet picture that I cna't get enough of!

Great work :)



Hay, that skin tone is getting mutch better. almost natural, hay waht sort of colouring set do you use? the fur looks great. O h and maybe he/ she is going to stay as a Pan. who knows.


0_0 WOW..... this pic is awesome, it really is an impressive work. The rear end is awesome and, like they said, the skin tone is wonderful. Even though im still working on my first pic this one will always amaze me, good job.


I just wanted to say that I'm a Capricorn and I'm flatterd by all of these Goat Transformations....