Raptored by Foxx

Raptored by

Date: 7/14/2003 Views: 9728 Favorites: 36 Comments: 4


a Velociraptor tf... why're there feathers on his head? ....for fun? =) dunno. first pencil tf I'm really happy with in a while.


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it has been theorized that raptors may have had feathered crest.


great work on the Image.

can I suggest you place a dot on the edge of the sheet to work the light from. it helps calculate shadow. while your shadeing I spent a lot of time doing b&W photo's it's teaches you about light on objects.

I like the feathers, what came before the chicken? the valsiraptor. no wander some people are scared of chickens. hehe.


Raptors are some of my favorite TFs :)


Not bad not bad at all. I think that the eyes were the best part.